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My Experience In The Idul Fitri Day Last Year

1st Syawal 1429 H is the Idul Fitri day last year. I was very happy in that day because I and all of moslems celebrated a victory day that called Idul Fitri day or Lebaran day. For most people, Lebaran is a day that we must use new clothes, nes shoes, new style, and all. Whereas, the most important thing is how do we purify our heart for our next life.
In that Idul Fitri day, I and my family went to the mosque for did Ied prayer. We went there at 6 o’clock a.m. and Ied prayer started at 07.45 a.m. There was a lot of people in that mosque. Most of them used white at all. Because white is pure, I thought.
As soon as we arrived at home, we forgave each other. After that, we had a breakfast and prepared to go to my mother’s village. The name of the village is Bungkutoko island. We went there by a car that driven by my father. During the trip, I listened to the music and did my assignments from my lecture. Actually, the view was very beautiful but I was not enjoyed it at all because I had to finish my assignments, so I need some big concentration for them.
One hour later, we arrived at Bungkutoko island. We decided to visit my aunt’s house at first. She is my mother’s sister. Her family is bigger than ours. She has four children, two sons and two daughters. Three of them was married and had some children. My aunt’s house is not so far from the sea, so my sisters planned to play sand there.
In my aunt’s house, we met the others family, Uncle Is, Uncle Syam and their wife, my grandmother, my mother’s youngest sister and some of my cousins. Her house was very crowded. My aunt made a lot of cake, her cakes is very delicious. After I ate some cakes, I asked my sisters, Puput and Tyas to went to the sea in front of my aunt’s house with me. They were very enjoyed to play water and sand while I took some pictures of them and the view.
Some minutes later, my mother called us to come back to my aunt’s house for having lunch. After that, we did the dishes together. My aunt is a good chef. All of her cooking was very tasty. And Dzuhur time came, I and all of my family prayed together. After prayed, I and some of my family went back home and some of the others decided to spend the night there. I was very happy in that day, I hope all of us had a long age so we can celebrated the Idul Fitri day in next year.

  1. fika sakinah
    Oktober 20, 2009 pukul 12:34 am

    i like that…….!!!

  2. nayay18
    Oktober 20, 2009 pukul 4:01 am


  3. Oktober 25, 2009 pukul 7:56 am

    bagus deh tulisannya

    • nayay18
      Oktober 25, 2009 pukul 8:03 am

      Makasih…ini tugas semester1ku sbnrx…

  4. endai
    Agustus 25, 2012 pukul 5:02 pm

    bagus… 🙂

    • nayay18
      Desember 21, 2012 pukul 7:31 pm

      hehe 😀 makasih, tapi kayanya grammar terhambur tuh, maklum tugas semester 1 hihihii XD

  5. September 3, 2012 pukul 5:03 pm

    thx ya, aku jadi bisa ngerjain tugas nih!

    • nayay18
      Desember 21, 2012 pukul 7:32 pm

      hehe..senang bisa membantu 😀

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